Welcome to FILAfi!

In 2018,  we picked up our first 3D printer to make Christmas items, holiday items, figurines, cosplay, toys, and board games. Our friends and family loved the reindeer we found online, and it turned into a small local business to just a select few. We felt that it needed to change and decided to print for all.

First 3D printer

From 2019 to this day we have sold 3D printed items specifically trying to push out high quality prints and high quality customer service. We worked with multiple filament vendors and just couldn't find one that met the standards we were looking for. After long deliberations we decided to start producing our own filament. We found the only way to get the quality we wanted was to do this. 
First 4 3D printers

So that brings us to today. Based out of Atlanta, GA, we have decided to open up shop and share our filament so that everyone can print like we do. We provide our profiles that we use for prusa prints (both MK3S and Mini) as well as the Ender5+. As we incorporate more printers into our farm we will release more profiles to help utilize our filament for the best prints!


Alex Parton
 Alex has a background in sales and technology, so it's only inevitable that 3D printing and a marketplace for people to purchase low cost filament was the right move. 
Spencer Parton
Spencer is the person who keeps Ryan and Alex in check when it comes to making sure things are done on time. If you opened up one of our packages and it felt like a gift it is because she finds joy in making others happy and everyone loves a gift!
Ryan Brown
Ryan is the numbers guy of the group and making sure we run smoothly as a business. While this is usually an underappreciated role, Parton Prints would not be here without his hard work. He's the reason you are able to purchase things at such low prices

Please make sure to check out some of our design partners as well! We love working with them and wouldn't be able to provide any kind of service to you if it wasn't for them:
 Wekster Wekster - The designer for most of the masks that we have in the store! He's a great guy who has an awesome following which led us to meet some of the other designers we work with. Couldn't do it with him. Check out his patreon @ www.patreon.com/wekster
Fred The3DPrinting - If you like any of our terrain or boardgame pieces Fred is the man of the hour. He's pieces are intricate and thought out and definitely add flavor to any board game atmosphere. Check out his stuff at www.patreon.com/the3dprinting
DSK001 DSK001 - Enjoy video games? Enjoy cool accesories to said video games? Fernando is the man with the plan when it comes to unique ideas for our video game accessories. If he can think it, he can design it! Check out Fernando's patreon at www.patreon.com/dsk001